About Jiram

JIRAM will be the second image spectrometer to explore Jupiter after NIMS, the Near-Infrared Mapping Spectrometer, which operated on the NASA Galileo mission in 1995. JIRAM is the first Italian instrument of this kind to be sent to Jupiter. It belongs to a family of image spectrometers, which are currently flying on many missions: VIRTIS onboard of the ESA Rosetta and Venus Express missions as well as VIR onboard the NASA Dawn mission and VIMS, the “first born” of this family,  the visual channel of the NASA-ESA-ASI Cassini mission.

The primary goal of JIRAM is to probe the upper layers of Jupiter’s atmosphere down to pressures of 5-7 bars at infrared wavelengths in the 2- 5 μm interval using an imager and a spectrometer. The possibility of performing images, spectra or spectral images due to the simultaneous presence of the imager and the spectrometer inside JIRAM’s optical head, allows great flexibility and the possibility to implement the appropriate mode for each mission phase.

To know more about Jiram:
Jiram technical Note
http://www.ifsi-roma.inaf.it/jiram/downloads/JIRAM Tech note.pdf