The SRPIF Library

Welcome to SRPIF (Southern Europe Regional Planetary Imaging Facility) webpage.
SRPIF is an archive of images, maps and other data of our Solar System hosted in Rome (Italy) in the ARTOV Area (Area di Ricerca di Tor Vergata), maintained by two INAF (Istituto Nazionale di Astrofisica) Institutes: INAF-IASF Roma and INAF-IFSI Roma.
The SRPIF was established in Rome by NASA in 1983 and is  part of a network of similar, international libraries all around the world.

Our archive includes images and other data from almost all of the NASA planetary missions since the 1960′s, covering all the planetary bodies in the solar system which have been surveyed to date by spacecraft.

The data are on different supports, ranging from digital images to very rare publications that cannot be found elsewhere.

SRPIF is open to the scientific community, to journalists and to the media.

SRPIF also organizes events, lessons, conferences and other EPO activties for schools and general public.

We are reorganizing the SRPIF data archive and preparing an opening calendar.

To visit us, please contact us at



Pietro Ubertini (Direttore INAF-IASF Roma)


Data Manager:

Livia Giacomini


Skype: liviagiacomini

Annamaria Sambuco