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SERENA is an instrument that will fly on board the BepiColombo/Mercury Planetary Orbiter (MPO) to investigate Mercury’s complex particle environment... Read More

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September 2016

HEWG splinter7-8 November 2016 in Tokyo (Japan) 

Main topics:

  1. Selection of the magnetic field model best suited for the science operation planning 
  2. Discussion on Quick Look for best exchange of informations between sensors 
  3. Discussion on specific Science Cases (Use Cases –UC) related to measurements of different sensors in the two spacecraft 

13th BC SWT Meeting9-10 November 2016 in Tokyo (Japan)  


September 2015

 2nd HEWG Workshop18-22 January 2016 in Rovaniemi (Finland) 


July 2014

 5th SERENA-HEWG Meeting, presentations are available at the meeting webpage

 11th BC SWT Meeting 16-18 September 2014, Tokyo, Japan.

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